How long to get your workers comp settlement money?

workers compensation attorney elmhurstHow long to get your workers comp settlement money?

Always buy real legal help when you really need it today. I’m going to answer that question. You’re wondering how long until you get your settlement money. Settle your case one is what’s called a compromise and release the second is called a stiff and award a compromise and release is a global settlement is basically shutting the door to your worker’s comp case you get a big lump sum of money you go on your way insurance company goes on their way oftentimes, but not always if you still working you leave your employment you go get a new job somewhere else your Medical Treatments stops, but you get a lump sum amount of money.

Close the case down if that happens, then once the judge approves a CNR compromiser released insurance company has 30 days to issue a check to you. If they do not issue is very strict uptime. Like they don’t issue. It was in the 30 days then a penalty petition can be filed. They can come up to 25% more of what they owe you it’s very rare to happen. The insurance companies are very on top of Making payments within the 30 days because they don’t like to get hit with these penalties but it has happened some of my clients in the past that we have filed successful penalty petitions. So but just know that 98% of the time you’ll get your money within 30 days after the judge approves. It not be cited. You may sign it and then a week later the judge approves it sometimes you sign it and it can go weeks even longer before the judge approves it because there are other issues that haven’t been resolved like

EDD state disability insurance companies trying to negotiate that amount down but they don’t want to negotiate it down so I can sort of set the settlement sometimes there’s other things that derailed selim settlements for whatever reason happens very rare, maybe less than three or four percent of the time but sometimes it can happen but just know that until the judge signed nothing’s official until the judge signs it and once the judge signs it then the money will come within 30 days certainly to settle your case is was called a stiff and a war. So instead of a global settlement where you close everything going your way, they go on their way you sort of doing a half settlement meeting you and the insurance company are agreeing on what the permanent disability is you’re agreeing on what parts of the body are injured and you’re agreeing that you’re entitled to Future Medical Care on those parts of the body. So let’s say you hit urge hurt your back and your neck and you want to a state doctor and the doctor said you’re 20 percent disabled.

Do you bring that you’re twenty percent disabled your back and neck were injured and that you can get future Medical Care on your neck and your back and your case remains open so you can still treat in the worker’s compensation system if you want on your neck and on your back if you’re still employed the same employer you can usually continue working there unless they fire you for whatever other reason but you’re still employed usually your job remains open with them and instead of getting a lump sum settlement after 30 days? You’ll get what’s called. Permanent disability checks, so you’ll get it the amount varies but usually, it’s around about five hundred sixty dollars or five hundred eighty dollars something like that. It’s around that range. You’ll get a check every two weeks until your full amount runs out. Sometimes I can be a few weeks. Sometimes a few months. Sometimes a few years. It really depends on what your permanent disability agreed amount is, but you’ll get those checks on a nominal amount usually Lee until the checks run out and you keep your job you keep your medical care and all that open, so that’s the second way to settle now after the judge approves what’s called a stiff in a war they’ll issue a cheque payment. They’ll start issuing those bi-weekly checks. Sometimes you get a lump sum check that dates to 1A state of neutral doctor deemed you permanent and stationary a great technical here. I know throwing the lab actually but soon as you get a little check.

Usually, the biweekly checks will come after that again fine. 65 80 it depends on what your wages were and whatnot, but that’s generally how those two work and that’s generally when you get your money after you settle your case. So thank you so much for watching that video.

workers compensation attorney elmhurst

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