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workers compensation attorney elmhurstSettlement Calculator Welcome to another episode of the Georgia workers compensation video series. My name is Jason Perkins and I created this series because I wanted to provide helpful information to people who’ve been injured at work about Georgia worker’s compensation law in the benefits available to deliver it today. I want to talk to you about whether there’s a

workers compensation settlement calculator. Now the first thing before we get into that is disgusting. What is a Georgia workers compensation settlement? A settlement is generally an agreement with your employer or the workers compensation insurance company to resolve your workers compensation case in most settlements insurance company agrees to pay you a lump sum of money and you agree to give up your future rights as to Georgia workers compensation benefits. So once you settle your case and it’s approved by the Georgia State Board of workers compensation, then your workers compensation case is over and done with and then Trash company will pay you whatever settlement amount they’ve agreed to pay now. Is there a calculator for determining what that settlement amount should be? Well, no, there’s not if you look online at different websites, you may find some workers compensation settlement calculators, but most of them are going to be basic and they’re not going to take into account all the different things that you need to consider in deciding what you should sell your Georgia workers compensation case for every case is different. Currently it takes knowledge and experience to know what all different factors should be considered in settlement of workers compensation case and what it would make the most sense for you to agree to an assignment amount. So if you try to use one of these calculators, you’re probably not going to get the right answer it also when you’re dealing with the insurance company with regards to a settlement just because a calculator tells you that a certain amount is an amount you should sell your case for. Does not mean that the insurance company is going to pay that now many insurance companies have developed their own complex calculators for deciding how much to settle workers compensation cases for some insurance companies do not have calculators at all. But in order to get the most from an insurance company workers compensation settlement, you’re going to have to persuade them that your case is going to cost them a lot of money in the future. You’re going to talking about why that is why they’re going to keep having to pay workers compensation. Benefits because the insurance company’s incentive is to settle your case for as little as possible through cases costing them money settlements cost them money most insurance companies are for-profit businesses. So it would like to make as much money as possible. So that is less that they pay out to you the more money they make so it’s going to take some persuasion and also some knowledge and experience to convince insurance companies that they should pay a large amount of money to settle your case if You don’t have that information. You don’t have that knowledge and you’re probably going to leave settle up money on the table when it comes to negotiating with the insurance company. Hopefully, you found the information in this video helpful. If you have please let me know that the best. Hey guys, injury lawyer Scott Desalvo here. Are you looking for a worker’s comp settlement calculator? Well in this video I’m going to show you how to calculate a worker’s comp settlement value. So stay tuned. Hey guys, welcome back. I’d say the number one question I get in workers comp cases is what’s my case worth? It’s also one of the hardest questions. No one can tell you the value of your case without knowing the details of the case. So there are four pieces of information that I always tell people who are looking for a worker’s comp settlement calculator that I need to know before I can tell them the ballpark value of their case the first bit of information that I need to evaluate a worker’s comp case is time off work in other words. How much time have you had off work already and have you already been paid for the time that You are off work. This is important. No, because under workers comp your employer owes you about 2/3 of your salary. If you are missing work with a doctor’s note if there’s a large amount of back pay that sold, then you can generally settle your case for a lot more money. The second bit of information I need to know is what part or parts of your body you hurt and whether you fully recovered or whether you’re still having serious problems with continued Medical Care and what kind of treatment did you get? Was it a few visits to the doctor? ER or did you have multiple surgeries? Obviously the more Medical Care you had and the more serious the injuries, the more valuable your case is the third bit of information that I need to know to evaluate a worker’s comp case is whether your doctor released you to full Duty work so that you could return to your old job or do you have a permanent work restriction if the injuries you sustained at work mean you can never go back to your old job your case is probably worth a lot more money. But if your After released you to full Duty and you were able to return to your old job without any problems. Your case is still valuable just worthless money. The fourth thing I need to know is how much money you made per hour how many hours a week? Do you work? That’s because unlike other kinds of injury cases like car accidents fall Downs nursing home abuse and dog buttons work injuries are governed by the worker’s compensation act under the act the injuries are Weighted based on a number of weeks of work, that’s really all the guidance. I can give you in a short amount of time so that you can have a good idea about what your case might be worth. But the last thing I’ll tell you is that in my experience having a knowledgeable workers comp attorney is the number one thing you can do to maximize the value of your case. If you have more questions, I also run a no-obligation consultation. You can call my office at 888 hurt 318. I have an operator standing by 24 hours a day away. For your call? Well, if you’re not quite ready to talk to a lawyer, I’ve created a 25-minute injury DVD video that can be instantly delivered to your email. J workers compensation settlement calculator

workers compensation attorney elmhurst

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